Anonymous asked
Hello Lady´s and Gentlemen, I´am an old Dark Age of Camelot player and I loved that game ;) Thank you for this experience. How can I help to get your company running. I would like to do a smal part - as I can to get this game running. Thank you and best Regards,Alexander Frick

Hi Alexander,

We will be re-launching our PayPal to allow additional people to become backers/founders soon! Keep an eye on our Camelot Unchained Facebook page for details! :) 

Thanks for your support! 

WE ARE FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to the amazingly beautiful  peeps that helped us get this far!!!! Today has been the best ever

WE ARE FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to the amazingly beautiful  peeps that helped us get this far!!!! Today has been the best ever

Yesterday was a crazy day and today is gonna be even more exciting!  92% there with only 24 hrs to go. Get the word out and lets make a mark in mmo history!
Support Camelot Unchained Kickstarter!

Exciting day is exciting :-D

Boom! Some Arts!

Studio has been hard at work with some crazy updates coming up in the very very near future. Keep an eye out and be sure to check out some of our past updates. 

Camelot Unchained Kickstarter

Enjoy and thanks for being awesome peeps!

grsapoun asked
Hello, any chance to see Highlanders (kilts ftw!) in CU?

We do have some kilt lovers in the office so chances I think are in the high category ;-D


bradleydaniel asked
With the massive upgrades in technology that occur on a yearly basis in computers and networks, are there any "stretch" goals to increase the triangles used for character rendering from 12k upwards to add more detail? Or am I misunderstanding how the tech could change?

Not as a stretch goal RIGHT NOW. But if the game is successful long-term, we’ll have subscription revenue to invest in upgrading our graphics as tech grows. Keep in mind that 12,000 is a lot of polys for the average monitor — most characters, most of the time, are going be less than 1000 pixels high on most screens, so having more polygons than pixels doesn’t improve their appearance any.

Anonymous asked
Myself and a few of my gaming buddies are concerned that Camelot Unchained will be very susceptible to in game hacks such as more than normal speeds, Radar, unintended buffs, and also complex macros that allow players to only hit 1-3 keys and the macro decides which ability best fits the situation. Many games have had the former and more recently games like RIFT have been ruined by the latter. Is there a way to ensure these things will not make it into the game?

There’s only so much we can do to control what’s on someone else’s computer. Because of that, we’re doing everything we can to run everything on our own servers that are under our control. A lot of games make the mistake of trusting the client to tell the server where the player is or how fast he’s moving, and we don’t do that. That means that speed hacks, teleporting, and other things that players can’t legitimately do are completely out because of the way we’ve designed our networking. Furthermore, we’re very careful to never send you information on players you can’t see (because our own bandwidth is expensive!), so radar’s going to be very hard to implement.

Macros are a harder problem — if something could legitimately be done with a valid combination of real keypresses, it’s a lot harder on our end to say that “no, the guy on the other end of this connection didn’t actually press those keys”. We’ll do our best to spot patterns of repetitive mechanical actions, but that can never be 100%. However, the best solution is gameplay that’s NOT REPETITIVE, and that requires actual strategic thinking instead of just learning a rotation. That’s our goal, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that no macro can play our game as well as an actual thinking person.


Half way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

We past the one million dollar half way point tonight!!! All thanks to you amazing supporters out there!

Keep up spreading the word and together we will make this game a reality!

 Animated Gif on Giphy

Anonymous asked
When will we have our CU forum?

Official forum will go up as soon as the Kickstarter has completed and hopefully funded.

waiting is hard. 

Duck Love update!

Just want to update to those sending amazing questions. Just keep tuned and I will be sure to get to get out all the answers for you handsome/beautiful people. 

But until then enjoy this handcrafted rubber ducky warrior gif created by the most amazing flygex-eatin-on-softies!